This isn’t some tan girl covered in makeup with perfectly straight hair and a perfect smile. This is a girl with Pfeiffer Syndrome, who has had bangs her whole life to hide her forehead and struggles everyday to be okay with looking this way. She’s had several surgeries and will have a couple more. she can’t wear makeup much, her eyes are sensitive. Her jaw is misaligned. Her forehead is too thick and has to be shaven down. Her cheekdowns have to be moved forward by surgery. when she was four she had something called a ‘halo’ which was a metal circle screwed into her skull and jaw.

though she fought through it medically, she struggles everyday with the emotional sideeffects. she doesn’t look like her family or her friends. she may never look normal. she has depression and eating issues because of what she has had to accept about herself. she has done awful things to be pretty.

nobody ever sees her without makeup or without bangs.

until now.

She, is me.

and if I make your blog ugly, than don’t reblog this. but if you can be one of the few people in my life who I know are fully comfortable with it, than reblog this so people know.

you are beautiful. even if you don’t realize it, you are. everyone is,


This makes my blog a million times more beautiful than it was before. You are a beautiful person in and out and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not xoxo

like they said, beautiful :’) 

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